Project Methodology

Building a website, upgrading existing software or implementing a new application our project methodology can be tailored to fit any project. There are 6 core phases to our methodology, each phase achieves specific goals within the overall project methodology. Listed is a high level overview of the core phases. 

Phase 1 – Getting to know our customer

  • Planning conference calls or onsite meetings to discuss the customer business needs is a great way for getting to know our customer.
  • Budget discussion, contracts and document scope of work

Phase  2 – Research & Discovery (business assessment)

  • We start by getting to know your business
  • Aside from determining the requirements for the project, we will document additional software solutions that can be implemented at a later date

Phase 3 – Solution Design

  • Web design we will go through a series of design phases to create a unique eye-catching design for your business customers
  • All application software designs and web designs are reviewed with our customers and signed off before proceeding with the development(coding)

Phase 4 – Development(solution build phase)

  • Once the design is approved, we will start the build. This is the phase where the website  and/or application itself is actually created

Phase 5 – Test/Certification of solution(unit/user test)

  • We fully test your web site or application for accessibility, usability and compatibility
  • An overview is provided on how to use the solution prior to the customer user testing

Phase 6 – Deploy and Support

  • Depending on the project and the customer needs, extended customer support services can be included in the signed project scope agreement or can be a separate maintenance agreement
  • Some projects may consist of transitioning the customer from a development to a production environment

Post Deployment 

  • At this stage,we give the customer instructions on how the site should be used, including the packaging of any necessary training material. We are always available for future maintenance and we are truly committed to ongoing customer support. In the case that customer requires site maintenance, we establish optional maintenance service fees with the website/application owner
  • Handoff off to our customer  – before handing off the website or application officially to the client, we make sure that all contractual obligations have been met and our customer is fully satisfied with the end product just as stated in the project scope.
  • Provide the website/application documentation – Things like a soft copy of the site map or details of the framework and design document will be turned over in case the customer may need to make major changes on their website or just explore the site as they see fit
  • Project close, Final Documentation – Finally, the customer can signoff for services. The client will receive our contact information in case we need to be reached for additional support .  Even after project closure we will check in with our customers to ensure that everything is working accordingly.